Composition is a discipline set apart from music teaching.  Theoretical or ready made courses can't apply, as each student in composition is different, according to their curriculum, their music searches, their taste…  and finally their personality.  The teacher has to ascertain for each student what could lead them to become a composer, in other words their own strength, and try to guide them to bring it forward, to consolidate it, or even to develop it.  He mustn't try to impose his own aesthetic or language, but must guide his students to what will become their own aesthetic and musical language

To achieve this, of course the composition teacher must be an experimented composer, but also an active player in the contemporary music life, aware of the various esthetic trends.  He must be able to introduce his students to music work by his contemporaries and to analyse the necessary points to their apprenticeship Finally he mustn't hesitate to make foray into the orchestration and / or instrumentation disciplines when needed.

It is by integrating these elements that Web Compo's teacher organizes his classes.  According to the needs, the level and specificities of the class' students, he follows and directs their compositions, makes them discover contemporary works of various aesthetics, explore the specificities of an individual instruments or an ensemble of instruments.

In his courses of orchestration, the teacher will analyze some works of the repertoire in the orchestral and instrumental point of view, while giving to students specific works to improve their technics in this discipline.